Friday, 21 May 2010

Brighter Later Presents...

Thursday 3rd June 2010 @ The Boogaloo, Highgate (8pm-1am)

Brighter Later is back! The second in a series of charity gigs held at The Boogaloo, we’re aiming to raise even more money for Cancer Research UK than we did at our launch back in April. Here’s who we have lined up for you this time:


Radio 1’s Huw Stephens recently picked this London-based singer-songwriter for his International Talent Fest night. Recently snapped up by Polydor, Michael is blessed with an amazing voice and his songs seamlessly blend together classic soul, blues and folk. Live, he’s simply breathtaking and we can’t wait to see him up close and personal at The Boogaloo.


Augustus Ghost are a collective of talented musicians drawn from all over the world, each bringing with them their own unique and unusual collection of styles and influences. Born and brought up in the Middle-East, singer-songwriter Hannah Cartwright recruited her bunch of miscreants when she first arrived on London soil about a year ago and since then they have been stunning audiences with their haunting, unforgettable melodies.


Hannah & The Boy disagree on just about everything: think thirty-year marriage, separate beds. Although you wouldn’t ever catch them swapping music, one thing they do agree on is that their differences are a vital asset to their song-writing – defining an original, yet strangely familiar sound. Beautiful.


Empty Holiday, also known as Mitchell Tolliday, treats songs like films, delivering snippets of scenes from his and other colourful characters lives and like a genre-defying director provides a healthy mix of action, comedy and drama with an acoustic soundtrack.


After his much loved performance at our launch in April, we are delighted to bring back our compere for the evening, our favourite shamanic poet Robert John Price.


ClubRees DJs will be serving up the indie and electro hits you know and love, along with some you don't, a smattering of pop, a dollop of disco and a shot of remixes of all the above.

The night will start at 8pm with the first of the night’s bands to follow soon after.

Tickets are £5 and are available here, with a limited availability on the door:

Put your name down on Facebook here:

Again, all money raised from ticket sales will go to Cancer Research UK to help them continue their amazing work.

We'll see you there! x